How Much Is Self Storage

How Much Is Self Storage

How much is self storage for my belongings? There are a few factors that go into self storage pricing, so knowing which ones to watch out for will be helpful.

You can expect to pay $240 per month, regardless of whether you are renting a storage unit for moving purposes or additional storage space. It can be difficult to find the right fit in the Tetris puzzle that is life. This is why local storage unit companies such as Green Bar Storage are great for hiding excess items. Let’s look at the cost of a storage unit and the factors that impact its final price.

The cost of a storage unit is determined by several factors, such as its size and duration. These are details that will help you choose the best storage unit for your budget.

Square Footage

Although this may seem obvious, renting larger spaces will increase the cost of the space. Storage companies charge $1 to $1.80 for every square foot. However, not all sizes are available as prices vary from one company to the next. A 5-by-5-foot locker costs $40 to 50 per month. A 10-by-20-foot storage unit is the most popular nationwide option. It costs $120 per month and has enough space to store the contents of a two- or three-bedroom home.

Many companies offer portable storage units for as low as $90 or $250 per month. These containers can be kept in your home, or taken to a designated facility. The containers come in sizes from 7 to 20 square feet and the prices go up with the larger size.


The cost of storage units is largely determined by their geographic location. Larger homes offer less space which increases the competition for storage options. The price of storage units is usually lower in rural areas. A 5-by-5-foot unit can be purchased for as low as $20 each month if you live in rural areas. The same storage unit costs $40-$60 per month if you live in a big city.

Contracts and Their Duration

Many storage unit companies offer a variety of discounts and other perks to attract new customers. Many storage unit companies offer discounts for seasonal customers or free initial months. A long-term contract can lock in the original price and help you save money over time. An annual contract will typically cost you less than a monthly agreement. You will also need to pay $15-$50 sign-up fees, and a deposit.

Temperature Regulation

If you are storing important or temperature-sensitive items, climate control is a worthy investment. This service will cost you an additional $20 to $50 each month, and prices will rise as the size of your unit increases. The interior temperature of a climate-controlled storage unit is controlled to keep it below 45 degrees in winter and under 90 degrees in summer. Climate control is a benefit for most items, but it’s worth considering if you need to store important documents, photos, or high-quality furniture.

A typical shed measuring 120 feet in size costs $1800 to 18,000

Self Storage In Prineville And Why It's Beneficial

You Should Also Consider Additional Costs

We now know how much storage units cost. However, there are many other costs to consider. These are often optional but extremely beneficial.


A storage unit can pose risk. That’s why it is recommended to purchase dedicated insurance. These steps will help you to understand the basics of storage unit insurance.

  • Check the fine print in the storage unit contract. In most cases, the company states that they are not responsible for any damage to property stored. However, this is not always the case. Signing up for a storage unit does not guarantee coverage.
  • Review your current property insurance policy. Many homeowners’ and renter’s insurances protect your property while it is in storage. Some even cover theft. You should look for information about personal property coverage that extends beyond your home. Call your agent and ask for a compromise.
  • Insurance through storage companies. Many storage businesses double as insurance providers and offer plans from the moment you sign up.
  • Be careful when storing personal items. Sentimental values are not taken into account when reimbursing for insurance claims. So be cautious when storing family treasures.

Additional Security Features

Even if your insurance covers theft or loss caused by negligence, you want to ensure that your belongings are safe and secure. Ask about security protocols before signing up for storage units. These security protocols can be video surveillance, fire prevention, security guards, and staff available around the clock.

You should also inquire about entry methods. Certain companies may charge additional for security features such as individual security gates and keypad access controls. However, most companies include robust security in their monthly costs.

How Much Does It Cost to Store Items Yourself?

Many consumers prefer to bring their belongings to self-storage facilities rather than haul them to one. These companies provide a simplified way to store your belongings. A self-storage unit, however, is more cost-effective. The cost of portable units is $50-300 per month. This is comparable to the prices at on-site facilities, but there are additional $200 delivery costs. These companies provide some flexibility and offer the option to transport the container to a facility if necessary. However, there are additional transportation fees.

Portable units can be useful for temporary storage during remodeling and renovations. A dedicated facility is the best option for long-term storage.

Greenbar Secure Storage has a wide range of storage units available in Prineville, for Bend, Madras, and Redmond. They offer a variety, including ground-level access, security cameras, 24/7 accessibility, and parking spaces. Locally owned and operated, we are the best choice for convenient and clean self-storage units. All of our commercial storage clients accept deliveries from businesses to make things as smooth as possible! 

Storage Benefits

  • Extra security and family-friendly
  • Unbeatable onsite entrance tech
  • Each unit is protected by a unique code
  • Access your unit at your leisure
  • Save money and have convenience when you most need it

We are proud of the many layers and security of control we have put into our secure storage units such as: 

  • High, heavy-duty fencing surrounds the storage facility at all locations including Redmond
  • You can access your unit via electronic access using personalized codes.
  • Timed access to individual units after entry and an automatic reset of security
  • Galvanized steel walls are almost impossible to crack in storage units in Madras and our locations in Central Oregon.
  • All hours of the day and night, well-lit areas in Bend and other Greenbar Secure Self Storage centers.
  • A resident storage manager who lives on-site, carefully selected and screened and selected out of Prineville.

Contact us to reserve your secure unit today with Greenbar Secure Storage!

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