How to Store Important Documents

How to Store Important Documents and Records

You should now decide where you will store all of your important documents and records. You probably have a lot of paperwork, ranging from medical insurance to estate planning documents.

How should you keep important documents? Where should you store them?

Let us lend you a helping hand!

Storage is our specialty. We’ve put together a guide to assist you in storing important documents. We have provided information on what records to store, the best storage practices and suggestions for both physical and electronic solutions. Our recommendations will help you sort out all of your important paperwork.

What Types of Documents Need To Be Stored?

In your lifetime, you’ve likely accumulated a large number of documents. You received your birth certificate shortly after being born. Since then, it appears that you have been collecting records.

It’s possible that you are wondering about the stack of papers and what types of documents you should store. We’ve put together a few suggestions to help.

Household Information

Included in this category are your vital documents. This category includes everything from your passport to your Social Security card. It also includes your adoption papers and marriage certificate. The other household information may include divorce papers, custody records, military service identification cards, copies of your driver’s license and pet ownership documents.

Financial and Legal Records

You’ll need to collect all of your legal and financial records. Included in this information are your insurance policies and deeds. Also included is any loan or lease agreement, tax documents, and other legal documents. This category includes estate planning documents such as trusts, wills and powers of attorney.

Medical Information

You should also document and file your medical information. You will need to include your medical information such as your insurance documents, your living will, your list of prescriptions, immunizations and disabilities, among others.

The Best Ways to Store Important Documents

Check out these tips on how to store your documents. From the temperature to encrypted files.

Check the storage temperature and humidity levels

You already know that paper is flammable. Did you know that extreme heat can also damage paper? Paper can become discolored when exposed to high heat. When combined with high levels of humidity, this can lead to mold growth. High humidity levels can also cause the paper to warp, curl and wrinkle.

Consider climate-controlled units if temperature and humidity is a concern. These units maintain a set temperature and humidity range, so your documents are not exposed to extreme conditions or temperatures.

Consider Passwords & Locks

Consider the information that you store. Are there any sensitive items? You may want to include a lock or password in your storage solution if you are concerned about sensitive information. You can choose between digital or physical locking and password systems, depending on the type of storage you use. Keep the passwords in a secure place and write them down.

Always Make Copies

You don’t want to lose your documents because of an accident. It’s important to make digital copies of all your documents. Your backup files will contain all the information that you need if your original copy is damaged.

How to physically store documents

We always recommend making digital copies of important documents for backup. For now, however, we will focus on how you can store them in a physical place.

Filing Cabinet

File storage in the old-fashioned filing cabinet has been a reliable option for decades. It’s for a good reason. Filing cabinets are a great way to store and organize your documents. Create your own filing system, complete with labels, to keep track all of your paperwork. Filing cabinets are also compact, stackable and easy to transport. Many filing cabinets come with lock and keys as an extra bonus.

Fire and water-resistant storage

There are times when you cannot control events like floods or fires. Consider investing in water and/or fire resistant filing or storage cabinets to keep your documents out of harm’s way. These containers are resistant to extreme temperatures and water without damaging the contents.

Safe Deposit Box

Safe deposit boxes are another great option for storing paperwork. Safe deposit boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Some safe deposit boxes come with a traditional lock and key while others offer digital password options.

Binder with Plastic Sleeves

When it comes to storing paperwork, you don’t need to be fancy. Pick up a binder and plastic sleeves with some tabs if you’re looking for an affordable and easy option. Place each document in a plastic sleeve, and then add tabs for each section. After you have filled up your binder, it can be stored in a fire- and water-resistant safe.

Storage Unit

The best place to store your documents is in storage units. You can store your documents in any of the containers mentioned above. You can transport the compartments easily to your unit, whether you choose a filing cabinet or a safe-deposit box.

Important document storage

Electronic Storage

Electronic storage of vital documents is just as important as physical storage. You can always access your documents if you have an electronic backup, regardless of what happens to the originals. Start by scanning the documents into your computer. Then, you can choose from one or more of the options below.

Cloud Storage

The internet can be a magical place. Cloud storage services like Google Drive and Apple Storage make it easy to store documents digitally. You can easily share your files digitally with other people, such as your partner or child. Also, you can add electronic encryptions or passwords. Many cloud solutions can be used for free if only a small amount is being stored.

External Hard Drive

The storage is a combination of electronic and physical. Connect your computer to an external drive or thumb drive, and copy all of your documents. After you have copied your documents to an external drive, you can store it in your storage unit.

Computer Storage

Your computer can be used as a simple electronic document storage system. Create a desktop filing system after you have scanned and uploaded all your important documents to your computer. For extra security, you can encrypt files and folders using passwords.

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