Opened in 2021, Greenbar Storage prides itself on having top notch security and will say that it will not experience theft, vandalism, or a fire. This is a remarkable feat considering that storage units typically see a minimum of one per year (and sometimes more). Greenbar Storage is here for your goods protection.

We are proud of our many layers and security of control we have put into our secure storage units.

How it Works

Secure electronic access has been specifically designed.

Your personal code will be entered into the drive-up keypad.
This code will unlock the gate and arm your unit.
Your unit will automatically be re-armed if it is not opened within 10 minutes.

Take a look at the features that offer safe storage for our customers.

Our staff will consult you on how to best store valuable items.

We have the best self-storage security systems in today’s market. Greenbar Storage is the only company that cares as much about your stuff and makes sure it’s safe.

Greenbar Storage is what we hope you choose when you’re looking for a storage unit in Prineville, Oregon.

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