Small Business Self Storage

Small Business Self Storage Benefits

The world of today is rapidly changing, and so are businesses. Every day new types of businesses are created and all attempt to remain on the market for as long as possible. You must be resourceful to keep up with fierce competition. Continue reading to find out more about small business self storage benefits.

Most of us know what self-storage is. We tend to think of self-storage as something we use for our own personal use. It can help you grow your business in many ways. There will be an additional cost but it is negligible compared to the benefits you get.

Are you still not convinced? Let’s take a look at the reasons you should get one.

1. It’s convenient and flexible

These two are why they are at the top of the list. It doesn’t matter how small or large your business, convenience and flexibility can be a huge benefit.

The convenience. You can take advantage of many services when you rent a self storage unit. Your mundane tasks of moving and storing items will be much easier. Your storage provider may also help with transporting the goods that you have to place in the unit.

Flexibility is key. Most often you will have a monthly basis of payment. Contracts are also easy to terminate. You can rent storage as long as you need. It doesn’t matter what you store in it as long as you don’t damage the facility. It will make things easier for you if the space is kept clean.

2. It makes business expansion easy

Small Business Self Storage

It is always good to see your business grow. This is a sign that your business is doing the right thing and that people are trusting you. But worrying about expanding your business is not always fun. It can be difficult to find office space that is suitable for your business. This adds up to additional costs.

There’s another option. It is a better option to rent self storage space and keep all the files and cabinets that you don’t use in it. This will allow you to free up space in your existing office and enable you to add workstations for your expanding staff.

It is obvious that renting self-storage units is cheaper than buying a warehouse. This will make it easier to find one and save you money. If you ask us, it’s a win/win situation.

3. Security and Safety are not your concern

You might want to store some of your most important items in the storage box. It’s possible. Small business self storage is a great option for smaller companies. They might even be safer than your office space.

Storage facilities must do all they can to ensure their customers are satisfied. They don’t compromise on security measures. These are the things you can expect:

  • Alarm systems and CCTV
  • Gates and security fencing
  • The facility is monitored 24/7 by security personnel

If you want to store your business documents here you can. You can also opt for a climate-controlled unit if you need more protection from the elements. These units eliminate all potential dangers. Small business self storage is a great option for a small company because of the safety they offer.

4. Self-Storage is great for temporary storage during business transitions

Change is inevitable when you have office space. Relocations and remodeling are inevitable. There are many other transitions that a business might have to make. A self-storage unit is a great option in such situations.

These units are flexible, as we’ve already discussed. If you suddenly require more space, it won’t be an issue. You can easily upgrade to a larger unit that will meet your new needs. You won’t have to delay upgrading your premises because there is no place to store your stuff.

5. It’s a handy warehouse space

Small business self storage is great for smaller company owners or home offices and online businesses . You can store your inventory and do all your office work from home. This is a great solution for anyone who is interested in online retail.

If you plan to use it in this manner, you will need the size of the storage unit. You can contact us today and we will give you the best estimate around on whatever size storage unit you need in Central Oregon.


It should now be obvious that self-storage is a great option for small businesses . It will enhance your business operations, regardless of how you use it. Your business will grow without worrying about safety with Greenbar Secure Storage.

Greenbar Secure Storage has a wide range of storage units available in Prineville, for Bend, Madras, and Redmond. They offer a variety, including ground-level access, security cameras, 24/7 accessibility, and parking spaces. Locally owned and operated, we are the best choice for convenient and clean self-storage units. All of our commercial storage clients accept deliveries from businesses to make things as smooth as possible! 

Storage Benefits

  • Extra security and family-friendly
  • Unbeatable onsite entrance tech
  • Each unit is protected by a unique code
  • Access your unit at your leisure
  • Save money and have convenience when you most need it

We are proud of the many layers and security of control we have put into our secure storage units such as: 

  • High, heavy-duty fencing surrounds the storage facility at all locations including Redmond
  • You can access your unit via electronic access using personalized codes.
  • Timed access to individual units after entry and an automatic reset of security
  • Galvanized steel walls are almost impossible to crack in storage units in Madras and our locations in Central Oregon.
  • All hours of the day and night, well-lit areas in Bend and other Greenbar Secure Self Storage centers.
  • A resident storage manager who lives on-site, carefully selected and screened and selected out of Prineville.

Contact us to reserve your small business self storage today with Greenbar Secure Storage!

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