Small Climate controlled Storage

Small Climate Controlled Storage

Choose one of our small climate controlled storage units at Greenbar Storage to safeguard your most essential belongings. Ideal for both personal and business assets, our state-of-the-art facilities offer a perfect environment, ensuring your items are protected in a controlled, stable setting.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Delicate items like antiques, important documents, and electronic media can suffer from exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity. Our climate-controlled units offer a consistent environment, protecting your valuables from these harmful elements.

Comfortable Visits

Frequent access to your storage unit shouldn’t be a discomfort. Regardless of the weather outside, our climate-controlled facilities maintain a pleasant temperature, making your visits comfortable and hassle-free, whether it’s scorching hot or freezing cold.

Climate-Controlled Storage for

Photographs and Film

Photos and film are particularly sensitive to temperature fluctuations. In our climate-controlled units, your cherished memories are preserved, preventing the rapid deterioration caused by heat and moisture.

Electronics, Cameras, and Lenses

High humidity and moisture are the nemeses of electronic devices and photography gear. Our climate-controlled conditions protect against the growth of destructive fungi, ensuring your valuable equipment remains in pristine condition.


Wine connoisseurs understand the importance of proper storage. Our units provide a stable environment, essential for the optimal aging and preservation of fine wines, protecting them from becoming overly acidic or vinegary due to temperature variations.

Additional Items

Our units are also ideal for storing leather goods, fabrics, musical instruments, and more. Leather and fabric are susceptible to mold and mildew in humid conditions, while musical instruments like pianos and guitars require a stable environment to prevent warping and damage.

Maximizing Your Storage Experience

At Greenbar Storage, we not only offer climate-controlled units but also expert advice on the best ways to store your items. From efficient packing tips to the ideal unit size for your needs, our team is dedicated to ensuring your storage experience is seamless and worry-free.

Wood Furniture

Wooden items, from heirloom armoires to contemporary tables, are particularly sensitive to climate changes. In humid and warm air, wood can swell or warp, while in dry, cold conditions, it can shrink and crack. Such damage not only affects the appearance but can also compromise the structural integrity of the furniture. Climate-controlled storage units at Greenbar Storage provide an ideal environment for wood furniture, maintaining consistent temperature and humidity levels to protect against these extremes.

Leather, Fabrics, and Upholstery

Leather sofas, fabric chairs, and other upholstered items are prone to damage in the wrong conditions. Warm, humid air creates the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can cause permanent damage to these materials. In our climate-controlled units, the air quality is regulated to prevent the growth of these harmful organisms, ensuring your valuable furnishings remain pristine, free from the threat of mold and mildew infestation.

Magnetic Media and Record Albums

For collectors of vinyl records, cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, computer discs, and hard drives, preserving the quality of these items is paramount. Exposure to heat can cause warping and damage to LPs, while magnetic media are highly susceptible to moisture and condensation. These can lead to loss of data and deterioration of sound quality. Greenbar Storage’s climate-controlled units offer a safe haven for these sensitive items, keeping them at a stable temperature and humidity level to prevent such damage.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments require special care when it comes to storage. Stringed instruments like violins and guitars, brass instruments, woodwinds, and pianos are all vulnerable to climate fluctuations. Warping, joint damage, and the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria can occur in adverse conditions, affecting both the appearance and the sound quality of the instruments. Our climate-controlled storage units provide a stable environment crucial for preserving the integrity and sound of your precious instruments.

Storage Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Climate-Controlled Storage

At Greenbar Storage, we understand that storing your belongings in a climate-controlled unit is just the first step. To truly protect and preserve your items, it’s crucial to store them correctly. Here are some expert tips to help you get the most out of our climate-controlled storage units.

Leave Room for Air Movement

Proper air circulation is key in preventing mold and mildew. Arrange your items with enough space between them to allow air to move freely. This is especially important for furniture and boxes that may trap moisture. Keeping items slightly apart ensures a healthier environment for your belongings.

Elevate Items Off the Floor

Concrete floors, even in climate-controlled environments, can transmit moisture. Cardboard boxes and other porous materials can absorb this moisture, leading to damage. Elevate your items using wire shelving, 4 by 4-inch lumber, or other sturdy supports. This simple step can significantly reduce the risk of moisture damage, especially in the case of valuable or sensitive items.

Invest in Silica Packets

Silica gel packets are excellent for controlling moisture in enclosed spaces. These packets, often found in new purchases and labeled “Do not eat”, can be placed in storage boxes to help keep contents dry. They come in various sizes, from small packets for smaller containers to large vented boxes ideal for electronics and camera cases. This extra layer of protection is particularly beneficial for items sensitive to humidity, such as electronics, documents, and textiles.

Pack Like a Preservationist

Educate yourself about proper preservation methods for different materials. For instance, wrapping items in acid-free paper, using sturdy, high-quality boxes, and avoiding plastic bags for long-term storage can significantly extend the life of your belongings. This approach is particularly important for valuable or sentimental items like antiques, photographs, and collectibles.

Label Everything Clearly

Clear labeling not only helps you find things quickly but also ensures that delicate items are handled properly. Use large, easy-to-read labels and consider listing the contents on each box. This will make it easier to locate specific items and reduce the need to open and move boxes frequently.

Regular Check-Ins

Even in a climate-controlled environment, it’s a good idea to check on your stored items periodically. This will help you spot any potential issues early, such as a box showing signs of wear or an item that needs repositioning.

Greenbar Storage offers thousands of locations nationwide, with flexible options to meet your needs. We have a variety of unit sizes available, ensuring that whether you’re storing a few items or an entire household, we have the space you need. With no long-term obligations, you can store your belongings for as long or as short a period as you require. Reach out to us at 541-903-4400 today to find the perfect storage solution for your needs.

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