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Storing Comics/ Cards In Your Redmond Self Storage

You want to ensure that you are properly storing comic books and baseball cards in a Redmond self storage. You could lose a lot of your items due to heat, moisture, or other factors. It is common for someone to have a large collection, but the items become damaged from sunlight, moisture, and other factors. This is how to keep your comic books and baseball cards safe and secure.

Value Comic Books and Baseball Cards

The main grading agency for comic books is the Certified Guarantee Company (CGC). There are similar companies that grade baseball cards. Cards and books for sale are usually given ratings. Comic books are rated from 1-10, while baseball cards are assigned a rating that indicates the individual condition and quality of the cards. These items’ condition can have a major impact on their ability to be sold to another collector.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Comic Book and Baseball Card Storage

There are many ways to store comic books and cards safely, so that they will last for many years. They can last many years if they are kept at the right temperature. If they aren’t protected, they could be damaged by the elements and lose a lot of their value. These items should be stored in a safe and secure environment.


  • * Maintain a temperature of 50 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • * Maintain a humidity level of at least 50%.
  • * Keep your comics safe and protected in an archive-safe box .
  • * Keep the cards and books upright.
  • * Use cardboard backing and plastic protective covers.

Your collection will be easier to preserve if you do all these things. It doesn’t matter if you intend to keep it forever or sell it to make it more valuable. These tips will help you make the right decision about what to do with your collection.

Don’t forget Proper storage

  • * Place boxes directly on the floor.
  • * Stack comic books or cards on top of each other.
  • * Make sure to expose comic books and baseball cards to lots of light.
  • * Keep them in your basement or attic.

Many people simply stack their baseball cards and comic books, and place them in boxes in the attic or in a basement storage bag. However, the temperature and humidity variations in these areas can be much greater than in the main living areas of your house. This can lead to serious damage to sensitive items. Finding the right place for your items can help you avoid dry and brittleness from attic heat or the dampness that basement storage can cause.

Climate Controlled Storage for Valuable Items

The best place to store your comic books and baseball cards is a climate-controlled Redmond self storage unit. It’s an efficient and safe way to keep your items protected. Climate control allows you to set a temperature and humidity level that is suitable for paper goods. This can help reduce the likelihood that they will get too hot, crack, or become damp. They are often stored for many years so they require a safe place.

You might think your house is a good place to store this stuff. You might have a spare bedroom with large closets or other storage options that look good. Even these spaces can be problematic. One pipe could burst through the wall behind the toilet shower or washer and flood the closet where you store your items. A fire could start in your house. For safety and security, it is often safer to keep important collections away from your home.

Lower Your Risk with Safe Storage Options

A Redmond self storage unit doesn’t have plumbing so there is no risk of water damage. Many storage units are made from metal or other products, which reduces the chance of fire. The security and assurance that your comic books and baseball cards are safe and sound will be a benefit. They can be checked on, sold, added to, or shared with others at any time. They won’t take up any extra space in your home.

You don’t have to keep your baseball cards in your attic or your comic books hidden in your basement. You can protect your investment by using a Redmond self storage unit that has good climate control to store these types of collections. A secure storage unit that you can use is beneficial whether you are focusing on building your collection, selling it all, or selling individual items. In privacy and comfort, you can categorize your collection and sort it .

You can choose from a variety of sizes and different humidity levels to find climate controlled areas. While finding the perfect place can take time, you should make sure that you have everything you need. You may need a locker-sized space depending on how large your comic book or baseball card collection is. A larger unit might be better for large collections. This will allow you to move around and locate what you need, especially when you are selling.

If you select a climate-controlled option for your comic books and baseball cards, you can find Redmond self storage that suits your needs. A good offense is better than a bad defense, as anything made from paper can become brittle over time. It is important to keep your items in good condition for the long-term by keeping them at the right temperature.

Greenbar Secure Storage has a wide range of storage units available in Prineville, Bend, Madras, and Redmond Oregon. They offer a variety, including ground-level access, security cameras, 24/7 accessibility, and parking spaces. Locally owned and operated, we are the best choice for convenient and clean self-storage units. All of our commercial storage clients accept deliveries from businesses to make things as smooth as possible! 

Storage Benefits

  • Extra security and family-friendly
  • Unbeatable onsite entrance tech
  • Each unit is protected by a unique code
  • Access your unit at your leisure
  • Save money and have convenience when you most need it

We are proud of the many layers and security of control we have put into our secure storage units such as: 

  • High, heavy-duty fencing surrounds the storage facility at all locations including Redmond
  • You can access your unit via electronic access using personalized codes.
  • Timed access to individual units after entry and an automatic reset of security
  • Galvanized steel walls are almost impossible to crack in storage units in Madras and our locations in Central Oregon.
  • All hours of the day and night, well-lit areas in Bend and other Greenbar Secure Self Storage centers.
  • A resident storage manager who lives on-site, carefully selected and screened and selected out of Prineville.

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