Storing Wine

Storing Wine: A How To for Beginners

Storing wine is an essential part of enjoying it. It can also greatly impact its value and quality. Many beginners don’t know this and end up damaging their wine. Too many wineries have their wine placed in the laundry next to the dryer or in a basement near the boiler or water heater. It can even be left on the counter in the morning sunlight. Incorrect storage can cause wine problems and these are more reasons why you should store your wine with Greenbar Secure Storage

Wine Storage

No wine cellar

Contrary to popular belief most wine doesn’t need wine cellar storage. Any dark, cool place can work. A garage, a space under the stairs or any other similar place can work well. A wine cellar is a good option if you are a collector and want to keep wine bottles for many years. If you are really passionate about creating it, then you don’t really need it. Wine is best consumed within a few days of purchase and does not require long-term storage.

Important: light level

It is important to keep your wine out of direct sunlight. This is especially important for lighter wines, but it applies to all wine types. Why? Direct sunlight can cause wine compounds to begin breaking down. This can cause wine to lose its quality and taste. Wine that is stored in direct sunlight will not be as fresh as you would like.

Dry air causes damage

Many people believe that wine should be stored in cool, dark places that are dry. The ideal humidity for wine storage should be 70%. It is possible to keep your wine in this range but it should not exceed 50% to 80%. High-end wines require more control, while standard wines can be tolerated with a wider range of humidity. Too humid can lead to mold growth. Too dry will cause the corks to dry out and wine to leak.

Beware of vibrations

Vibration is bad for wine. It is not a good idea to keep it next to the washer, as it can cause vibrations. The chemical reactions that occur when wine is shaken can cause changes in flavor and aroma. The sediment will not settle and can cause the wine to become gritty. It could also ferment faster and cause it to taste bad. While a little shaking isn’t harmful, long-term vibration problems could cause wine to be less enjoyable. Another reason why storing wine in your storage unit is best.

Keep wine in the right place

The bottles containing wine should be kept horizontally if they have corks. Because the wine’s moisture will prevent the corks drying out, it is better for the wine to be stored horizontally. It doesn’t really matter if you store screw-on caps bottles horizontally or vertically. Many people prefer the horizontal option because it allows them to store more wine in a smaller area.

Storing wine in a self storage facility

Well, maybe. Although some facilities do offer wine storage, it is not common. Although a climate-controlled option can be viable, you may find that the humidity inside it is not high enough to protect your wine’s bottles. Screw-on caps can protect your wine better than bottles with climate controlled options.

White Wine Storage

White wine is very sensitive to light. This is the most important thing to remember when storing it. The wine can quickly begin to lose its quality if it is exposed to sunlight. This is especially true for bottles that are clear or very light in color. Avoid taking any chances with your white wine’s quality, especially if it will be stored for a long time. If you don’t intend to consume your white wine immediately, a cool and dark area is the best place.

Red Wine Storage

Red wine is more resistant to direct sunlight than white wine. It is still not a good idea for any wine to be left in direct sunlight. Red wines can withstand this better than their lighter counterparts. Red wine can still age prematurely if it is exposed to too much light. This will affect their taste. To ensure that your red wine tastes as good as it can, keep it in a dark, cool place, and away from direct sunlight whenever possible.

Sparkling Wine Storage

Sparkling wines should be treated the same as white wines. Sparkling wines will retain their bubbles and fizz longer and won’t become flat. The flavor and aroma can also be affected by direct sunlight. You should also store sparkling wine in the same place as your other wines. You can rest assured that your sparkling wines will be good quality even if you don’t want to consume them.

Take into consideration all aspects of your space

It is important to look at the whole picture when storing wine. Most people only buy one or two bottles of wine at a time and then drink them within days, weeks, or even months. This means that they don’t consider storage options. Properly storing wine can make it last longer. You can then enjoy your wine more often, whether you are having it with dinner or with friends.

Remember that temperature and light are the most important factors. You can protect your wine by keeping it from becoming too hot and not letting direct sunlight touch it. After you have dealt with both those issues, you can start to think about the appropriate humidity levels and whether it should be stored upright or on its sides. Look to Greenbar Secure Storage today to securely store your wine. You can also insure your wine just for some piece of mind.

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