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The Ultimate Self Storage Maintenance Checklist For 2023

If you plan to make money with an empty building by converting it into a self storage facility or want to grow your existing self storage business, self storage maintenance is a subject of interest for you.

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A well-maintained self storage facility is a dream for customers and facility owners. Modern storage facilities have excellent self storage management software to streamline operations, but that is not enough. You must stay on your toes to ensure a clean and well-managed storage facility in the competitive industry.

An effective way to manage self storage operations smoothly and ensure top-notch upkeep is to maintain a self storage maintenance checklist and use it to streamline your maintenance activities.

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What is Self Storage Maintenance?

Self storage maintenance refers to taking care of your self storage facility to ensure it stays in the best condition. It includes looking after the infrastructure, equipment, furniture, environment, and amenities.

Proper maintenance helps your storage facility attract customers, even if the storage facility is old. It is as essential as other amenities, such as remote monitoring through modern self storage management software, fool-proof security, and quality customer services.

Some common self storage maintenance activities include cleaning, garbage disposal, safety checks, repairs and improvements, and landscaping. The major areas you must work on include doors, lighting, cleanliness, technology, and security.

Why is it Important?

Ensuring good self storage maintenance and timely renovations is the backbone of self storage maintenance. It improves the property value and makes your business appealing to customers.

self storage maintenance checklist

Here is why having a self storage maintenance checklist is important for your business.

*  It helps you stay competitive in the industry.

*  Upgrades such as implementing contactless solutions at your self storage facility allow you to earn high rental incomes.

*  It improves your property’s security and increases its resale value.

*  Proper maintenance helps you get a high return on investment ROI on your property.

*  It makes your facility more accessible and reduces the total cost of repairs and maintenance.

*  Regular maintenance activities prevent future problems.

*  Your tenants stay happy and satisfied with the cleanliness of the facility, increasing occupancy rates.

Self Storage Maintenance Checklist-Daily Tasks

Self storage maintenance may seem like a lot of work, and it is, but smart work can save you from wasting your energy and resources. The expense ratio in this industry is around 30%-40%, so ensure to spend it wisely. Some tasks need a daily inspection, so it is better not to delay them.

Your daily self storage maintenance checklist may vary depending on your property, but generally, you must include the following tasks.

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Storeganise Checklist

Ensuring the efficiency of all security measures must be a part of your daily self storage maintenance checklist.

*    There is no unauthorised access allowed through entryways.

*    All CCTV cameras are working.

*    Security devices are storing recordings properly.

*    Did any security issues arise today?

Cleanliness Check

Some general maintenance matters regarding the cleanliness of the premises need your regular attention. Including them in your daily self storage maintenance checklist streamlines your workflow. They include the following tasks,

*    Is the storage facility spotless?

*    Are the walkways free from obstructions or blockages?

*    Is all equipment in its proper place?

*    Is there any debris or signs of spillage inside and outside the warehouse?

*    Are flammable materials safely away from fire hazards?

*    Are all cleaning supplies correctly stored?

*    Do all the doors on vacant storage units operate smoothly?

*    Is the office area clean?

Safety Operations

The safety of the items stored at the facility and the employees working there must be an essential concern. You must ensure that the safety operations are running smoothly and there are no signs of non-compliance.

The following items must be on your daily checklist.

*   Are all containers containing liquids leak-proof?

*   Are emergency and regular walkways obstruction-free?

*   Are emergency exits accessible and debris-free?

*   Are staircases free from spills and clutter?

*   Is every item appropriately placed on shelves to avoid falling?

*   Are walkways well-lit?

*   Are all fire extinguishers in their designated places?

Utilities Check

You cannot ignore the importance of proper lighting at a self storage facility. It is one of the most important factors that well-informed customers consider before choosing a self storage facility.

*   Is the lighting system working correctly?

*   Are storage units, walkways, entrances, and parking well-lit?

*   Is the climate control system working correctly?

*   Is there electricity backup in case of a breakdown?

*   Do the electric wiring, switches, boards, and sockets need any repairs?

Legal Compliance

You cannot store everything in a self storage unit as there are some restrictions on what can be stored in self storage. Self storage laws vary slightly in different countries; for instance, self storage laws in the UK require storage facilities to have controlled alarm systems.

On the other hand, US self-storage laws require businesses to maintain homeland security, while in Australia, customers must sign a service agreement to rent a storage unit.

The following things can become a part of your self storage maintenance checklist.

*   No customer is to use the storage unit for living.

*   No animals are to be kept in the storage unit.

*   All storage units are to be free from flammable items.

*   No arms, ammunition or weapons are to be kept in storage units.

*   All abandoned storage units are to be clean and free from any prohibited materials.

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Exterior Check

The exterior area of a self storage facility includes parking, a gate, a fence, a lawn, and bins. It is an integral part of the facility’s upkeep, so consider it in your self storage maintenance checklist.

*   Is the driveway clean and obstruction-free?

*   Are the vehicles in the parking lot appropriately parked?

*   Does it have enough lighting fixtures?

*   Is the gate and fence up to the mark?

Use this checklist as a guideline and include other items unique to your storage facility.

Self Storage Maintenance Checklist-Annual, Quarterly, and Seasonal Tasks

Seasonal tasks are an important part of your self storage maintenance checklist and must be given due importance. They include the inspection needs at different times of the year besides the daily maintenance needs.

The frequency of seasonal tasks varies depending on a self storage facility’s size and operational structure. Usually, the following areas need seasonal maintenance activities.

Safety Measures

Some safety and security measures, such as the upgradation of software and repair equipment, are needed monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. You must define a schedule for these activities and ensure that you keep a check on them.

self storage maintenance to do list

The following items must be on your checklist.

*   Are all emergency exits free from obstructions?

*   Are all fire extinguishers working correctly?

*   Are fire and security alarms in order?

*   Is the first aid cabinet stocked?

*   Are all emergency safety tools appropriately placed?

*   Are all fire extinguishers inspected regularly?

–   Is the regular examination of the roof done?

General Maintenance

Upkeep items such as lubrication, repainting, and sprucing up the curb appeal are included in general maintenance items that you must watch. You can include them in your quarterly or annual self storage maintenance checklist.

*   Are there any cracks in the walls that need repairs?

*   Are pesticides sprayed regularly?

*   Are all the doors washed and lubricated?

*   Does the gate need a fresh coat of paint?

*   Is any grass surrounding the property mowed?

*   Are sidewalks and entryways free from debris?

Staff Training

A well-trained staff is crucial to keep the storage facility and related amenities in good condition. This is a must-have on your self storage maintenance checklist to look after on a seasonal basis.

You may conduct quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly training drills to evaluate their emergency prep. You can include the following points in your self storage maintenance checklist.

*   Are the staff trained to evacuate correctly during an emergency?

*   Are the staff trained to use fire extinguishers?

*   Do the team know about all emergency exits?

*   Do the team know how to use emergency tools?

*   Do all staff members know the location of fire extinguishers, first-aid boxes, etc.?

Tips for Following Your Self Storage Maintenance Checklist

Maintaining a self storage facility is often challenging whether you manage your self storage facility remotely or have an on-site management system. Besides creating a good self storage maintenance checklist, the following tips can improve your self storage maintenance efforts and bring desired results.

Plan Ahead

Several studies support the idea that planning improves organisational effectiveness and resource utilisation. A comprehensive plan gets you halfway through your journey, so make it count.

Creating a to-do list or a self storage maintenance checklist is your action plan. Invest time to do your homework and identify the maintenance needs of your facility. Consider your available resources, and don’t forget to analyse your competitors.

All this research work will help you create an actionable checklist and make result-driven efforts.

Engage Customers

Your customers significantly impact the cleanliness and maintenance of your property since they are the ultimate users. Just like your staff, they also need awareness and sometimes training to keep your facility and its amenities in good condition.

Here is how you can engage them to help you with maintenance.

*   Inform them about the cleanliness standards they must maintain in their respective storage units.

*   If you have automatic doors or high-tech locks, show them how to use them properly.

*   Tell them the proper location of all the loading and moving tools and equipment.

*   Explain how they must use different equipment (carts, pallet racks, pallet trucks) without damaging them.

*   Tell them about the right channel to seek help if they face an issue entering or using their storage units.

Define Actionable Goals

A self storage maintenance checklist allows you to monitor the maintenance status of your property. You need to define goals to achieve the desired level of perfection. Make sure your goals are realistic and actionable.

For instance,

*   All unit doors, windowsills, and fixtures will be cleaned weekly.

*   The walkways and aisles must be cleaned twice a day.

*   The floor must be mopped every other day.

*   The HVAC system of the climate-controlled storage units must be inspected twice a year.

*   Fire extinguishers must be inspected once a year.

You can define such goals for your storage facility and assign duties to the concerned staff to ensure the completion of defined tasks.

Prioritise Tasks

Once you have made a to-do list, the next step is prioritising tasks. Sometimes, you may have multiple things due at once; you must decide the order of their completion.

For instance, the fence is broken, the self storage management software needs an upgrade, the pipes are leaking, and the fire extinguishers need an inspection. Now you must prioritise these tasks so they get completed in order of importance and ensure smooth operations.

Stay Proactive

Having a proactive approach helps you achieve high standards of self storage maintenance. If you outsource some of your services, ensure your vendors are readily available when needed.

It is good to delegate most tasks to in-house staff, but if you face a complicated problem, seek professional help. It may incur costs but can save time and ensure high-quality work. Facilitate regular equipment inspection to ensure its well-being and detect any potential issues before they become problems.

Make Necessary Renovations

Your self storage maintenance checklist may highlight several areas that need an upgrade or renovations. For instance, potholes in the parking lot, broken fences, cracks in the wall, or out-of-order equipment.

Not all upgrades are equally important. Identify the self storage facility renovations that improve property value and avoid the unnecessary ones (for now). Prioritise impactful repairs and maintenance needs, and make necessary renovations to keep your facility functioning well.

How to keep self storage facility maintained

Besides these tips, the most important thing is to learn about your storage facility. Careful vigilance and prompt actions can save you many inconveniences and ensure excellent upkeep.

Self Storage Maintenance Checklist-Bottom Line

Running a clean and well-maintained self storage facility does not have to be stressful. Although it takes time to streamline all operations, organised efforts can help you achieve your goals quickly. Use this self storage maintenance checklist and modify it according to your specific maintenance needs.

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