Storing Wooden Furniture

Tips For Storing Wooden Furniture

Have you ever noticed how much space furniture takes up in your home? You might feel tired of living in cramped spaces and it may be storing wooden furniture in a storage unit. If you are looking for a place to store your furniture, here are some options:

  • Moving out of your home or downsizing. You can save money by moving into a smaller apartment or avoiding rent or mortgage payments. You may not be able to afford to rent a large apartment if you’re moving out for the first or second time.
  • Decluttering. While you may not be ready to sell your furniture yet, you are willing to get rid of it. You may need storage solutions if you have limited space. You might want to buy a larger home in the future but first you have to save. Storing wooden furniture in storage.
  • Selling your house. Your goal when staging your house for viewing is to make it seem like nobody lives there. To clear out space and take away personal belongings, you might decide to store your furniture.

You should take care when storing furniture.

How to store wooden furniture safely? These storage tips will help you keep your belongings safe over the long-term.

Cleaning Your Wood Furniture

Your belongings are bound to collect dust when they are stored. But before you put them in storage, make sure to give them a thorough clean!

Dust, dirt, and hair are abrasive, which means it is best to clean your furniture before you store it.

Some cleaning products are not designed for wood. To ensure safety, make sure you read the directions before using the product.

You can also use hot water and a cloth to clean the wood. Furniture may be damaged if you use too much water.

Let the furniture dry completely before you move it.

Take Apart Your Wood Furniture Before You Store

Take off the table legs and chair arms. Set aside the dresser drawers. It’s easier to store individual pieces of furniture than an entire set.

It will decrease the chance of furniture being damaged in the move.

Protect Your Wood With A Protective Coating

Humidity is the main concern when it comes to storing exotic hardwoods. Wood is extremely sensitive to moisture. Wood will crack if it is exposed to too much humidity.

  • Rot and mold
  • Deteriorate
  • Shrink or swell

Protect your furniture from moisture fluctuations with a wax, polish, or oil coating. These treatments can protect wood from common moisture problems.

A tip: Don’t apply a coating to furniture the night before it is moved! It may take some time for the treatment to dry completely. Follow the product instructions regarding the time it takes for the treatment to dry. Wait up to 2 weeks.

Cover It With A Breathable Wrap

A drop cloth or furniture cover can add an additional layer of protection. You want the cover to breathe, not trap moisture. This is why we recommend you not wrap the wood with plastic.

Use Blankets And Cushions

Protect your furniture with blankets and pillows to keep it safe and scratch-free. You can also add furniture pads to protect your furniture from scratches.

You may need to cover concrete floors with a layer of your belongings. Concrete has high moisture vapor emissions which can cause wooden furniture to rot. Protective layers will keep your furniture safe from spillages. Placing a sheet of plastic between your furniture pieces and the floor is a good idea.

Stack Items Carefully On Top Of Furniture

There is so much furniture in your home, but so little storage space. How will you store it all?

Avoid overcrowding your storage space. If you have too many items stacked together, it is more likely that one will be damaged or fall on another.

You might consider hiring a professional to stack your belongings. You can also ask your friends who are familiar with furniture storage to help you. Thank your friends for their assistance in your move.


You will find it easier to store furniture if there is less. It can be hard to part with items you hold dear.

Ask yourself the following important question: Will you use this item in the future? Or are you just keeping it for now because you don’t want to throw it out?

It may not be worth the effort to clean, treat, and storing wooden furniture if you aren’t planning on using it. Consider which belongings are the most important to you.

Review The Security Measures

Many people have heard horror stories about what happens to storage units when they are broken into.

It doesn’t matter if you’re storing wooden furniture in the most secure way. All your hard work will be thrown away.

You should look for security features such as camera surveillance, walls reaching the ceilings, and multi-lock systems. Although it may be more expensive, it is well worth it.

A storage unit gives you more space and comfort. When storing wooden furniture, make sure you follow these care tips. This will help prevent furniture from getting rotten or being damaged in any other way.

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Storage Benefits

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  • Galvanized steel walls are almost impossible to crack in storage units in Madras and our locations in Central Oregon.
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  • A resident storage manager who lives on-site, carefully selected and screened and selected out of Prineville.

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