Renting A Storage Unit

What To Ask Before Renting A Storage Unit

Your children might outgrow clothes or holiday decorations, so you may have boxes of clothing that they don’t need anymore. So what do you do? The best option is renting a storage unit. You need to be careful to make sure you are choosing the right storage facility for you. To learn more about the facility , it is a good idea to call the manager of the storage facility. 

This article will help you to identify the questions that you should ask your storage facility manager when interested in renting a storage unit.

Ask Your Storage Facility Manager Questions

You can rent a storage unit for many reasons, such as relocating, downsizing or event storage. No matter what your reason, there are a few things you need to do once you have decided when renting a storage unit.

You should first contact the storage facility manager to schedule a tour. Next, talk to the storage facility manager and ask them some important questions.

1. Are there admin fees and can I rent on a monthly basis?

Everyone has different self storage needs. You might need it for a few months while your home is being renovated or you may want to store seasonal items over the long-term.

It is important to find out if you are tied into a contract and if you can pack and move your belongings after you have given notice. It is important to fully understand the terms of any agreement before making long-term commitments.

Find out about administration fees, deposits and any other costs. Many facilities require a security deposit or charge small fees upon move-out. If you ask about the exact amount charged, you can easily evaluate the costs of local options.

2. How can you make sure your facility is safe?

Talk to your storage facility manager and ask for signs that they take security seriously. Your belongings are not safe just because of bright lights and cameras. Staff must also be vigilant. You can’t trust a manager who lists security features.

3. How qualified are your staff to help me with the storage process?

The staff’s qualifications are another important consideration when selecting a storage facility. Asking about the qualifications of staff members will allow you to talk about their personality, achievements, and experience.

It is important to communicate with staff and receive the assistance you need , especially when renting a storage unit for the first time. A knowledgeable and experienced staff member will be able to assist you in many ways. They can assist you in determining the amount of space you require as well as estimating the size storage unit you will need.

4. What sets your facility apart from others?

You have the advantage regardless of where you live. There are many ways to achieve what you desire. Ask this question and listen carefully to the answer.

If you ask the storage facility manager this question, they should answer it with something they believe in. Smart facility managers understand that the factors that will determine which storage facility you choose are more important than where you live and how much it costs. They will be able to tell you about many things that set them apart.

Ask about additional features that you are looking for in your storage service provider. Many storage facilities allow you to pay online.

5. Ask the manager of your storage facility if you can be assured for your belongings

You don’t want to have to worry about your belongings when you store them away from home. Make sure your belongings are protected in case of bad weather.

Make sure that your belongings are protected in the event of an unexpected event. Although most storage units don’t provide insurance at no cost, they should offer additional insurance options. Some facilities require that you purchase additional insurance in order to rent your unit.

6. How can you make sure my belongings stay in the best possible condition?

Many storage facilities are dedicated to keeping your belongings safe and sound. They offer pest prevention and regular quality inspections. You might be surprised at how meticulous some companies are.

Final thoughts

Greenbar Secure Storage has a wide range of storage units available in Prineville, for Bend, Madras, and Redmond. They offer a variety, including ground-level access, security cameras, 24/7 accessibility, and parking spaces. Locally owned and operated, we are the best choice for convenient and clean self-storage units. All of our commercial storage clients accept deliveries from businesses to make things as smooth as possible! 

Storage Benefits

  • Extra security and family-friendly
  • Unbeatable onsite entrance tech
  • Each unit is protected by a unique code
  • Access your unit at your leisure
  • Save money and have convenience when you most need it

We are proud of the many layers and security of control we have put into our secure storage units such as: 

  • High, heavy-duty fencing surrounds the storage facility at all locations including Redmond
  • You can access your unit via electronic access using personalized codes.
  • Timed access to individual units after entry and an automatic reset of security
  • Galvanized steel walls are almost impossible to crack in storage units in Madras and our locations in Central Oregon.
  • All hours of the day and night, well-lit areas in Bend and other Greenbar Secure Self Storage centers.
  • A resident storage manager who lives on-site, carefully selected and screened and selected out of Prineville.

Contact us to reserve your secure unit today with Greenbar Secure Storage!

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