Winterizing Your Motorcycle

Winterizing Your Motorcycle Before Taking It To Storage

Moving your motorcycle into storage until winter is smart. However, you might find that it doesn’t work properly when you pull it out of storage in spring. To keep your bike running properly when you ride it again, it needs to be winterized. Here are steps on winterizing your motorcycle.

Service your motorcycle

It is important to ensure that your motorcycle works properly before storing it in winter storage. Checking the oil, filters, fluid levels and changing tires if necessary are all important steps in winterizing your motorcycle. While you may be able to handle this task from your garage, if you’re not sure, bring it to a shop.

You will be storing your bike for a while so make sure everything works properly before you put it away. It is crucial to take care of any problems with your motorcycle before it is left unattended for long periods.

Make sure to clean your motorcycle

Your bike can be damaged if you allow dirt, bugs, and other debris to build up while you store it. They will not only make it more difficult to remove but could also cause irreparable damage. Before putting your hog in winter storage, make sure that everything is dry and clean.

Polish and wax

You can prevent your motorcycle from rusting by waxing the painted parts and applying WD-40 on all exposed metal. This is especially important if your motorcycle is exposed to moisture or water in storage. To prevent the elements from destroying the leather, you should seal the parts of the motorcycle with a dressing.

Lubricate moving parts

When you store motorcycles for winter, things that are designed to move continuously will not be able to stay still. Before packing away your motorcycle, make sure that all moving parts are properly lubricated to prevent corrosion. All cables, drives, controls, and pivot points must be lubricated. Pro tip: Take your motorcycle on a short ride before you apply the lubrication. This will allow your bike to absorb the solution better.

Carburetor Care

Some motorcycles don’t have a carburetor. However, if it does, it needs to be taken care of before it can be stored. Before you begin this process, make sure your gas petcock is turned off. You can refer to your manual for instructions on how to do this. After that, drain the excess gas from your carburetor bowls. The location of drain screws should be easy to locate in the owner’s manual. This step is not necessary if your motorcycle has a fuel-injected engine.

Stabilize Your Fuel

While it is in storage, the gas in your motorcycle’s fuel tank will start to go bad. It is possible to drain the gas tank but this is not necessary in modern times. Driving to a gas station is a good way to warm your motorcycle and add lubricant. You will need to fill up your tank about 90% and then add a fuel stabilizer. You should mix your fuel on the way back to prevent it from freezing in winter. Before you stabilize your fuel, make sure to take care of your carburetor.

You can charge or remove your battery

If your motorcycle is left unattended for too long, it will most likely develop a dead battery. Two things can be done to stop this happening. You can prevent this by purchasing a battery maintainer or trickle charge that will charge your battery without charging it too much and causing it to die. You can also remove your battery and place vaseline on its terminals to prevent corrosion.

Plug your Pipes

It is not what you want to do, to find out that your bike has been home to rodents. You can use steel wool or cloth to plug your pipes. However, you should prefer a thick plastic with a zip tie or rubber band to keep it in place. This will prevent important areas like your muffler or airbox from getting infested. It should not be an open hole that rodents can get into.

Protect your Tires

To prevent your bike from becoming flat, you will need something to lift it slightly. If you haven’t replaced your tires when servicing your motorcycle, you need to ensure that your tires are fully inflated. It will prevent them from becoming flat, but it is still a good idea to raise your bike slightly. Track stands can be used to prop up your bike when you need to change your oil. If your motorcycle comes with a center stand, it is possible to use that instead of spending the extra money.

Make Sure Your Bike Is Dry And Secure.

All parts of your motorcycle, from the metal to leather, can be damaged by water. It is important to keep your bike safe from the elements. You should make sure that your garage or motorcycle shed is tightly sealed so that no water gets in. Self-storage climate-controlled is an excellent place to store your bicycle. You can also protect your bike by using the security and insurance measures of a storage facility.

Motorcycles can be expensive so it is important to protect your bike from damage when you’re not riding it. While storage units are great for motorcycle storage, you are winterizing your motorcycle. The ten steps above are great to follow to make sure your bike is safe. 

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